Russell Hemmings


“As an international therapist, my time with my clients is very important to me. When you live to fix people’s problems you tend to push your own problems to the back. I decided to use Austria Business Center, it wasn’t the center that I bought into, it was the people inside it. Anyone can hire a room, there’s an abundance of empty rooms in Dubai(and by the way, I rarely give endorsements and testimonials. I just don’t have time).

From the moment I landed, nothing was too trivial for them to sort out things for me. I am losing a lot of weight working in Dubai (that is what I do- weight control), they even organize a tailor to alter my clothes for me and made sure the alterations came back the next day as I had my interview. From the bottom of my heart guys, you deserve this endorsement and the feedback from my clients, they think this is a good centre for me as well. So good luck to you guys, you don’t need it because of your passion.