Ways To Stay Healthy At Work
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Whether you are the boss of a fast-growing company or employee most of the hours are spent in an office space. How we spent these productive hours have a huge impact on our overall health. It is not enough to have a good paying career. But, what matters most is creating a balanced life ideal for the body, mind and spirit. Did you know being in healthy shape can increase productivity and lesser absences? For employers and employees out there reporting to their respective workstations regardless the set-up are shared offices take time reading these best ways to stay healthy at the workplace.

  1. Make healthy choices on food while at work

This advice applies to both employers and employees while assuming their roles in a workplace and that is to make healthy choices on food they eat during breaks (snacks, lunch or dinner). According to medical professionals, people that report to work must include in their daily meals a good portion of fruits, vegetables and less fats and sugar. It is also common for some to bring packed lunches including snacks, especially if they have to strictly follow a meal plan based on their health conditions. For example, an employer or staff assigned to the serviced offices in Dubai diagnosed with diabetes may be compelled to bring his or her own lunchbox to prevent eating foods high in sugar or fats content.

  1. Try moving

The working hours for employers and employees may vary depending on the roles they play. However, the average hours spent at the office, either it is a shared office space or virtual office in Dubai is approximately eight hours or more. So, how to stay fit at work if most of the time you are sitting in front of the computer? Well, anyone is entitled to take some break. Whenever you have the opportunity to take a break, do some stretching or move around. You may also do some changes on how you perform some tasks. For example, if you have to answer a call from one of the business partners in Dubai why not stand up during the entire phone conversation. This action will surely ease the tension brought by prolonged sitting. Or, perhaps if you have to park your car better look for a spot at the farther end and walk your way to the office building.

  1. Drink plenty of water

One of the common health problems that employers and employees experience while at work is dehydration. Why it occurs? We become too focused on work and forget to drink the required amounts of water. Dehydration is not good for one’s wellbeing because it could make a person drowsy and feeling exhausted. It is a healthy practice to consume around six to eight glasses of water to help you keep going, especially if you have to work in an area where the climate can be humid and hot. You may also replace water with other food products that will combat dehydration such fresh fruits.

  1. Learn to manage stress

One of the wellness tips for the workplace that employers and employees must try is learning to manage stress. Stress can greatly affect one’s overall well-being and allowing it to be in control could lead to health problems such as depression, anxiety and headaches. Spending more time with positive people or doing something you love (read a book, watch a movie, full body massage) can reduce stress. Self-meditation and yoga are also effective in relaxing both the body and mind, eventually maintain balance in life.

The above ideas are just of the common health tips for office employees and employers. However, if you are planning to relocate and move your office to a modern office setting check out our business centers in JLT, Business Bay and Media City  and learn more about our  wide range of office space packages.


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