Requirements for 10 Year Visa in UAE

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As a foreigner, setting up a business in Dubai means that you need to obtain the right visa. Not only that, but you need a visa that will allow you to stay for a longer period of time. After all, if you are planning to start a long-term business in Dubai, the process would be easier if you stay in the country.

In an effort to attract more investors, the UAE government had come up with a new long-term visa system. It allows foreign professionals and other deserving people to live and work in the UAE up to ten years.

So, what are the requirements for UAE’s 10-year visa? It depends on who you are, the nature of your work, and the amount of investment that you have in the UAE. Generally, scientists or specialists, entrepreneurs, and investors have the opportunity to apply for the 10-year visa.


If you are an entrepreneur who had a project in UAE worth at least DH500,000 or who have approval from an accredited business incubator, you can apply for a five-year visa and eventually, upgrade it into a 10-year visa. Having an office space rental could also increase your chance of getting approved since it shows more stability of your business.

Specialists and scientists

Experts in medicine, science, technology, culture, arts, and other fields have the opportunity to grab a 10-year visa. Not only that, but their spouse and children could also enjoy the same benefit.

To be eligible, applicants should present a valid employment contract. They should also hold a Ph.D. from a distinguished university or should have already published studies, research, and scientific books that prove competency.


Having an investment in the UAE could possibly give you the chance of obtaining a ten-year visa. However, this would depend on the value of your investment or how you will set up company in Dubai. For example, if you have an investment worth of Dh10,000,000 set up in a business partnership, public investment, or a company, then you can apply for the long-term visa.

Another requirement is that the applicant should own the investment completely and is not bought through loans.

Starting your career or business in the UAE

If you have just started to consider working in the UAE or setting up a business here, you would be delighted to know there’s help available. You can discuss your plan with Austria Business Center. As a specialised in rental office space, they guide their clients in the whole process of business setup in Dubai. They work with clients to help them prepare necessary documents such as visas, contracts, permits, and other legal requirements need to start working in the UAE. Give them a call today to learn more!


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