Do Open Plan Offices Really Work?

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There’s no doubt; every business wants to be successful. This is true whether you are in the UAE or any part of the world. Thus, it is not difficult to see that a lot of companies are trying out new ideas and initiatives to drive productivity and satisfaction among employees. One recent method that has been popular in many mid-sized to large companies in business center UAE is the open plan office. Whether this method has been effective or not, the experts are still out to make a decisive conclusion.

The driving forces behind the open plan office

There are different reasons why companies are using office space rental services that feature open plan office. One is it is relatively economically compared to other floor plans. In an open plan, you don’t need to set up cubicles, partitions, and walls for each employee or team.

Proponents of open plan offices claim that this method is a great way to encourage collaboration and interaction among employees. In theory, open plan office boosts good communication among employees and their superiors, social support, and job satisfaction.

While those are the primary benefits of open plan offices, there are also other advantages such as better performance monitoring and the decreased chance for employees to goof off.

Does it really work?

More and more companies in Dubai are using open-plan offices and many of them are finding out the advantages and disadvantages of this floor layout.

While it is true that companies are reaping the benefits of open plan offices, they are also experiencing its various downside.

Some companies have observed how sometimes their workspace Dubai could be noisy with all the chatting, typing, walking, standing, moving, and others. All these sounds could add up and turn into noise pollution.

In addition to noise pollution, lack of privacy could be a potential problem. Sometimes, there are pieces of sensitive company information that need not be shared with others. Thus, some employees are forced to whisper or send private messages instead.

There are also employees in open plan offices that express how they feel uncomfortable around people. It is not that they have something to hide, but working with eyes around make people focus more on themselves rather than their tasks. Creativity might be curbed down because part of their concentration is preoccupied with social pressures.

While these problems may occur in an open plan office, there’s no doubt that this floor plan could contribute to productivity and employee satisfaction. It is now up to the company to determine what’s best for them, weigh the pros and cons of open plan office, and see the best option.

Is open plan office right for you?

The effectiveness of an open plan office depends on the nature of your work, your priorities, and future strategies. At first, you might not have an idea whether open plan office is a good choice for you.

Thankfully, you can discuss this option with Austria Business Center. They manage office space and offer state of the art facilities. If you need advice or more information on how open business in Dubai work, they are definitely the go-to guy. Give them a call today and discover how you can build success for your company!


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